Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wildland Fire Minute

While the past six months in the Pacific Northwest have been cooler and wetter than normal, June, July, and August are predicted to be warmer than average. We will likely have a slower start to the fire season due to slow melt off of snow at the higher elevations.

Most years, lightning causes the majority of fires in the Pacific Northwest, this year we will have the added human factor of up to a million people visiting Oregon during the peak of fire season to witness the total solar eclipse. We are ramping up our fire prevention efforts with that in mind.

This year, we have a new partner in fire prevention. While we’ve worked with Rangeland Fire Protection Associations in fire suppression efforts for years, we are now embarking on a joint fire prevention campaign. YOU can help as well, by:

• ensuring campfires are cold to the touch before leaving them;
• avoiding parking or driving in dry grass; and
• remembering that fireworks and exploding targets are prohibited on Federal lands.

To learn more about the latest wildland fire conditions in the Pacific Northwest head on over to: http://gacc.nifc.gov/nwcc/

Video by Michael Campbell, BLM -- Graphics by Matt Christenson, BLM – Featuring Traci Weaver, BLM/U.S. Forest Service

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